Emily Kopp’s tale of courage: The Journey ahead…

All was going fine. I was going through my routine as normally as possible when suddenly in summers of 2010 I felt light headed and tired. It was summer of 2010 when I was feeling light-headed and tired. TheDoctors then informed me that the heart anti-rejection medicine is now causing my kidneys to fail. The roomContinue reading “Emily Kopp’s tale of courage: The Journey ahead…”

Emily Kopp’s tale of courage: The Surgery .. The Strength (Part 2)

My chest was being painted with a cleaning solution for my transplant. It tickled and I was rooting more vehemently for the Browns because I was being painted orange. The original transplant day was scheduled for October 16, but the double checking of the heart pushed it to October 17. I was 17-years-old and had only beenContinue reading “Emily Kopp’s tale of courage: The Surgery .. The Strength (Part 2)”

Emily Kopp’s tale of courage: How it started…

My name is Emily Kopp and this is part of my story… It was 2004 and the end of summer when everyone at Thome gymnastics began our nonstop run to the park. I was 14-years old. As we reached the top of a hill, I began to feel unusually exhausted. I didn’t think much ofContinue reading “Emily Kopp’s tale of courage: How it started…”

Kindness : Where hope inspires…

“We rise by lifting others.” —Robert Ingersoll Kindness is always  a part of us, a part of our life and a part of our existence. We often realize it in various instances: Helping a blind lady cross the street, helping a puppy not get wet in the rain, donating stuff to care givers, listening to a colleagueContinue reading “Kindness : Where hope inspires…”

Dj’s Hope for hearts… How the journey started!

Once you choose hope, anything’s possible. ~Christopher Reeve Lenny Merriman carries a message of hope in his heart and delivers it through an organization initiated after the death of his 17-year-old son.When DJ was 17 months old medical problems were detected and doctors told Merriman that a virus had attacked the infant’s heart. Later, theContinue reading “Dj’s Hope for hearts… How the journey started!”

A Sick Child Should Never Lose Hope.

DJ’s Hope 4 Hearts was established to follow DJ’s lead of helping others and assist families who are touched by childhood heart diseases. When a child becomes sick, it is a life changing event for the entire family. Beyond the stress of an ill child, parents face additional worries including medical and medication costs, navigating time off of work, and finding childcare for siblings. Even families with insurance often have significant financial obligations since even the best insurance might not cover all costs. For example, some illnesses require lifelong medication, which may only be partially covered. Additionally, there are costs associated with daily trips to the hospital (including food and sometimes overnight lodging). Frankly, it can be overwhelming as all of the costs add up, while a parent is just trying to care for their ill child.